Formalwear Accessories

Once you have picked out your tuxedo for your event, you will look at accessories. These are the items that really make a tuxedo look finished. From the conservative black bow tie and cummerbund to full back fabric vests, bow ties, windsor band ties,

formal patent leather shoes, shirts, jewelry, pocket squares and socks.

For weddings the colors of shirts, vests, ties and pocket squares are and should be cohesive to the color of the brides dress and bridesmaids dresses. There is a specific format used for wedding parties booked at Richard Lewis Formalwear.



     * Ike Behar

     * After Six

     * Talliauomo

     * Ascot LLC

     * Mel Howard

     * Atlantis New York

     * Calvin Klein

     * Ralph Lauren

     * Brandon Michael

     * Joseph Abboud

     * Larr Brio

     * Michael Kors

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